Written Analysis 4

Mamadou Guisse

Written Analysis 4

The concept of formula in pop culture has two different types which is a Conventional formula and inventional formula. Conventional formula is standardized formula which has predictable outcome and inventional formula doesn’t have predictable outcome. Conventional formula is like the fiction formula, they both have a predictable outcome, for instance you are able to predict who’s going to die, who is the murderer, or who’s going to fall in love with whom.

Coca-Cola follows the conventional formula because everybody knows that they want to be is the most famous and largest beverage in this planet.  The group has more than 200 manufacturing facilities worldwide and nearly 60% of the brand’s turnover is generated abroad. Coca-Cola is committed to its customers every day. They ensure that they offer a wide selection of drinks and innovate to reduce the calorie content of its beverages.

Overall, I have gained more knowledge on how formulas are used in pop culture. The concept of formulas is seen everywhere such as in movies, TV shows, or commercials. Personally, I admire the dedication and the determination of Coca-Cola to be the number one beverage in the world.



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