Written Analysis 3

For me, Coca cola is very famous around the world. For a hundred and twenty-five years, Coca-Cola is part of everyday life for many people across all countries of the world like no other product. This is one of the largest US companies whose fame and popularity is worldwide. I think Coca Cola gained its celebrity from being the one of the first soft beverage in the world and also it has mostly gain fame during World War II, when the drinks were provided to US troops.

Coca cola is the most famous and largest beverage in this planet. Wherever you can go around the world, you will find it. Coca-Cola is now the symbol of mass consumption and globalization. The brand has many other sub-brands which are very famous such as Sprite, Fanta, Minute Maid, Dasani, etc. Coca-Cola Company was able to sell a sparkling soda in a single bottle of the world at an affordable price. Thanks to their unstoppable way of advertising, Coca-Cola has become the most famous soft drink in the world. Indeed, Coca-Cola also distributes its advertising through many events, mainly in sports but also in film and artists. These sports events broadcast in the whole world allow Coca-Cola to this awareness beyond the ordinary advertisements.

I consider Coca-Cola as hero because they are firmly participating to help poor in so many underdeveloped countries. The company has funded many foundations, associations and organizations-especially in the health sector and research. Coca Cola is providing their support to relief operations and preparedness programs of the international movement disasters. Also, Coca-Cola is participating to educate young about citizens’ issues and humanitarian commitment. The brand also opens its own stores in poor countries, and promises free access to drinking water in order help people deprived of drinking water. All these humanitarian actions from Coca-Cola are heroism acts because they save millions of lives around the world.


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