Ritual Development

A ritual is a set of habits that we put in place and the automatic way it does. Ritual can be daily, monthly and yearly.  It is not spontaneous nature: on the contrary, the ritual is set, fixed, codified, and respect for the rule ensures the effectiveness of the ritual.

The ritual has in any case a collective dimension because it marks social life and important periods in a company. It also has a space-time dimension accurate (to a certain place and at a specific time) which establishes a break between day time and time ritual.

For me, Ritual give the world a meaningful sensitive human dimension, the strength of rites and rituals is to create links.

In the US society, we observe so many rituals especially the holiday days such as Thanksgiving which is full of ritual, not only the ‘homecoming’ of family members and relatives for the Thanksgiving Dinner, but also the meal itself and the dinner itself is ritualized around the traditional turkey with stuffing/dressing,etc.

In my family, we have a ritual that we have been doing for years, each Friday after Jumu’ah (Friday prayers), we have family lunch with all the family members and share very good moments.

The ritual that is prevalent today and that every person should at least once or twice a week is to workout because it can help prevent excess weight gain or help maintain weight loss.



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