Popular Culture

hero3What is popular culture, and what does it mean to you?

Popular culture is a form of culture whose main characteristic is to be produced and appreciated by many. For me, Popular culture is a form of culture which includes accessible works and productions and known by many people,  such as television series, movies, video games, music or even food – and also, largely, Internet Culture.

Why is an understanding of popular culture relevant to you in a business environment and in your present and future career?

An understanding of popular culture is relevant in business because it has a very big impact in our lives whether in what we wearing or eating. The pop-culture therefore has the characteristic of being recognizable by all and tap into what is universally known, whether fashionable or part of a common cultural heritage. Personally,

What would you consider to be an example of a pop culture artifact? And why would you choose it?

A good example of a pop culture artifact would be  The Coca Cola Company because it is one of the most famous drink in all around the planet for many years. Millions of people from everywhere drinks Coca Cola.


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